4 Water-Based Challenges Facing Us Today

Artesian borehole - Water management consultants


As water management consultants, we here at H2O Building Services are all too well aware of the pressure that we’re putting on our planet and the pressure that we’re putting on our water supplies.


But are you aware of the biggest challenges that face us in this regard – and do you know what you, as a business, can do about it? Here are some of the biggest reasons why a lack of water should be a very real concern for all, on a global scale.


Climate change


As the Guardian puts it, climate change is perhaps the biggest threat that faces the world’s water system. Have you heard of the Hadley Cell expansion? This means that as temperatures increase, the difference between the temperatures at the poles and the equator decreases, which changes air currents. As a result, the clouds shift towards the poles, which deprives parts of Central America, the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa of much-needed rainwater.


Groundwater depletion


Approximately one-third of the world’s fresh water comes from aquifers below ground, which are essential for agriculture and industry. Fun fact: Unless action is taken swiftly, 60 per cent of the aquifers in India will be running seriously low on water inside just 20 years.




Rising global temperatures and changes in weather patterns will result in more intense storms, which will – when combined with rising sea levels – cause all kinds of problems.


Water pollution


Stats from the UN suggest that approximately 80 per cent of wastewater still goes untreated and tackling water pollution is a huge challenge. Some pollutants, such as pharmaceuticals and plastic, have only really just emerged as problems that need addressing.


/h2/So what can businesses do now to help?/h2/


Saving water wherever you can is the first step that companies can take to help protect our precious supplies – and there are various ways you can go about this.


Talk to us about rainwater harvesting, for example, which allows you to use the water that collects on the roofs of your buildings instead of valuable mains water.


Water leak detection is another excellent strategy, as you may well have leaks in your pipes that you’re unaware of. Not only does this waste water unnecessarily but also means you’re wasting your money as well, since you’re paying for something you’re not even using.


We can come out and do a water audit of your site, which will highlight any discrepancies between your water usage and what you’re being charged for. We can then make any recommendations to help you reduce your usage and lower your costs.


It’s possible to achieve a 30 per cent reduction in charges for both water supply and wastewater disposal, so if you’d like to find out more, get in touch with us today.