Will Pakistan Run Out Of Water By 2025?

We all remember last year when Cape Town nearly ran out of water (luckily, a disaster averted thanks to stringent measures brought in by the government to restrict water usage throughout the city)… but this is clearly an issue that isn’t going away any time soon, with it now being suggested that Pakistan could in fact run out of water come the year 2025.


According to The New Arab, the country has a population of more than 200 million people so naturally consumes vast amounts of water. In actual fact, it has the fourth biggest water footprint in the world and although it has one of the longest rivers in Asia – the Indus – this water source can only support so many people before the nation finds itself on the cusp of a humanitarian crisis.


Late last year, the Asia Foundation urged Pakistan to introduce a national water policy, while government agency the Indus River System Authority admitted that water scarcity in the region is severe and is now having a significant impact on irrigation.


The Pakistani Council of Research in Water Resources has now said that the city could see its water disappear by 2025, adding that it had reached the water stress line in 1990 and the water scarcity line in 2005… but ignored all the warning signs.


Senior associate for South Asia at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars Michael Kugelman told the news source: “Water scarcity represents a major threat to Pakistan’s future stability, both in domestic and regional contexts … Pakistan’s best bet for easing its water distress is to undertake policy reforms that encourage more judicious use of water. Islamabad can also ramp up efforts to raise awareness within society about how to be better about conserving water.”


While you might think that our water supplies here in the UK are protected, given our climate and the amount of rain we get, you do still need to do all you can to manage your water usage as water scarcity is a global issue, one that affects us all.


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