A water management strategy will reduce water bills and identify water leaks in the future.

Author: Graham Mann, Water Audit Expert.


A water management strategy will reduce water bills going forwards and when you incorporate water flow data logging as an integral part of that strategy, not only will you optimise the initial water savings and benefit from much lower water and waste water bills.

You will also ensure that any sudden unexplained increases in water consumption will be recorded on the data logging equipment fitted to your incoming water meter, this can be actioned and rectified accordingly.


In this actual project case study the water saving measures were implemented and the water data logger was left in situ to protect against future water losses through water leaks which will then be quickly recorded and actioned, ensuring minimal impact on the next water bill.


The potential water leak in this instance is seemingly very small (900 litres) 0.9 cubic metres per hour on a large site, it is very little until you calculate the financial impact over a year £17,432!


As with most sites I have seen over the years without a water flow data logging device low flow such as this example would normally not be noticed, however re-producing the flow into a visual form tends to focus the mind. Indeed as this is likely to be a water leak, they increase over time becoming a huge drain on financial resources.


You will note that the water leak alter report is tied in to pro-active action to complete water leak detection and water leak repairs.


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