Addressing The Water Crisis & Planning For The Future

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Acknowledging that there is, indeed, a global water crisis and taking action to mitigate the effects is becoming increasingly important as the climate emergency deepens all around us, with water shortages and climate change putting peace and prosperity at risk all over the world.


As this article on the Time magazine website asserts, “we need to address protecting and preserving water with the same urgency that we put into creating vaccines. We need to act like lives are hanging in the balance – because they are”.


In order to achieve this, focusing on water management is an absolute must if we’re to make sure that supplies of freshwater resources keep up with demand.


Perhaps the first area of focus should be agriculture, which uses around 70 per cent of water resources worldwide, and solutions must be found to how to make irrigation more efficient to protect soil and water, how best to use cover crops and so on.


Technological innovations such as electronic monitors could be used to help farmers manage nutrient levels in the soil more precisely, which will prevent pollution of waterways, for example.


Questions must also be asked as to how we can work more harmoniously with nature in order to mitigate the worst water-related impacts that we’re expected to see as a result of climate change, such as how could natural infrastructure be supported to protect regions from water shortages, storms or flooding?


The magazine went on to observe that it will also be necessary to stop damaging the resources currently available, conserving what is left and finding different ways in which to live, farming on land and harvesting from the sea using new methods to create a better future.


“It is all too easy to take water for granted. But water is ever-present in the disasters we are enduring at home and around the world. It needs to be present in our thinking, our planning, and in our policies, so that we can plan for our future, too,” it concluded.


If, as a business, you’re keen to reduce your water footprint but aren’t sure where to begin, get in touch with the team here at H2o Building Services to see how we can help find the right water-saving solutions for you and your company.


There are all sorts of options available to you that will help you to reduce your water usage and consumption, whether you decide to focus on rainwater harvesting, automated meter reading, water leak detection and repair, or some other different strategy.


You can adjust your solutions over time, as well, to keep in line with the evolving needs of your business, which we will certainly be able to advise you on. Give us a call today on 01924 387 873 to see what we can achieve together.