A leading water management firm aims to “create waves” by launching a series of weekly pod casts covering all things water and waste water.

Water management - H20 Building Services Pod Casts


Water management firm H2O Building Services launches a series of weekly audit and visual pod casts in order to inform, educate, advise and nationally promote the water and waste water industry.


Senior Partner Graham Mann of H2O Building Services will feature in the pod casts together with various water industry guests invited to participate throughout the year.


The first pod cast will be recorded on Thursday 4th April and there after the pod casts will be live! So there will be audience participation whereby there will be invitations to ask questions on the topics being discussed.


This will be a water industry first says Graham Mann “The fact is for example over 80 percent of the none residential water market are completely unaware that they can switch water supplier, even though the water market was deregulated over 2 years ago!


We aim to change all that through a series of weekly pod casts.


Many businesses and organisations simply have no idea how to go about switching water supplier and indeed what the benefits are

We will also over water leaks, cost prevention, water bill validation, tips on how to save water, rainwater harvesting, the pitfalls of appointing the wrong water consultant and that will be interesting in particular the deals to stay well clear of!

Water retailers – the best and the worst! (only kidding), but I will invite guests from all over the water and waste water industry spectrum.


These pod casts are not just all about me and H20, no its all about the entire water industry market, so guests will include (if they accept my invitations)

OFWATConsumer Council for Water, Water Retailers (the more the better) although one has already refused! I wont divulge them just yet! – Experts from the waste water industry – Suppliers of water saving devices- Suppliers of water flow data loggers or AMR’s, Gavin Farrand of Stark has already agreed to come in to discuss the distinct advantages of installing data loggers to water meters to maximise saving s when carrying out water management projects.


I will also be inviting suppliers of innovative water saving products for evaluation and discussion as there are some interesting devices that you should be aware of.


So if you are in the water and waste water industry in whatever capacity even a supplier, consultant, water retailer or water wholesaler and you are interested in participating in this exciting national water industry event get in touch by email to


We also have plans to go live so call in or email with your questions and we will do our very best to help or advise you.

We will post how to do this on LinkedIn so please connect with me on LinkedIn.