Yet another water audit consultancy to give up their water procurement independence in the UK water market

I was quite shocked to see yet another water audit consultancy essentially giving up their water procurement independence, Utility Wise claim on their website: –


  • “When there is too much choice and lots of risk you need impartial advice”.
  • “A proven track record and complete independence”
  • “We’re completely independent” and “we have absolutely no stake in the water supplier you choose”




Not in the light of the recent news out today, Utility Wise and Business Stream a Scottish Water Company who has a licence to retail water in the newly formed English Water Retail Market have joined forces in a partnership. They will now offer a “one stop shop” for businesses to secure deals for their energy and water procurement all in one place. Initially Scotland and soon in England when the English Water Retail Market opens for business in April 2017 – click here–one-stop-shop–for-utilities/


It was a surprise to me that a large energy and water consultancy should ditch their independence that they are at great pains to mention so many times on the water section of their website, preferring to go down the route of a “one size fits all” approach to switching water supplier.


As a water audit expert with 30 years experience of working at the sharp end of the water industry with a focus on cost reduction of both water and waste, clients need to have 100% confidence in their appointed water consultancy partner, that they will receive the best possible value deal if they decide to switch water supplier.

By jumping into bed with one water supplier they have effectively thrown away one of the key attributes in this rapidly expanding water retail market “independence” it really is key.

I shall be keeping an eye on Utility Wise’s website as they will now have to take down pretty much all of their statement in the water section relating to USP like independence which is the whole water page! click here


So now in both the energy and water market thousands of business customers will be funneled through to one supplier, excluding at least a further 19 water companies to choose from, is this good for business and the water industry ? you decide.


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