Water Experts H20 Building Services asks does your business’s water system comply with water regulations?

If your business’ water systems do not comply with water regulations and you contaminate the public water supply you will end up with a court prosecution, a heavy fine and lots of adverse publicity, or worse, if anyone is injured or killed as a direct result of your business contaminating the public water supply.


There is a real and often high risk of many companies in the UK contaminating the public water supply and a high percentage of commercial sites visited by H20 Building Services during water and waste water cost reduction surveys that do not meet with water regulations basic guidelines.


Senior Partner of H20 Building Services points out ” From my experience during site visits across the UK without exception there are water regulations contraventions and when these are pointed out during the site visits at first there is a lighthearted response, it is only when I point out the possibilities and risk factors of the contraventions is it then taken seriously.


So what are water regulations ? The water supply (water fittings) regulations


If you have never heard of water regulations, what could happen if your company don’t comply? 


A chicken farm was prosecuted over a major water  contamination incident in South Yorkshire, they were fined £2,700 and ordered to pay £10,000 in costs pleading guilty to 5 charges which followed an investigation into a major water contamination incident.

The company Chesterfield Poultry Ltd pleaded guilty after a 3 day trial.

Yorkshire Water brought the prosecution following a water contamination scare during July  last year prompting the water company to warn thousands of resident in Thorne near Doncaster not to drink their water as e.coli and other related bacteria was found in the water supply.

12 charges were brought under the water supply regulations act 1999. Fortunately for Chesterfield Poultry Ltd the outcome could have been much worse, many people could have contracted very serious illnesses.


How does my business ensure compliance with water regulations?  


Commission a water regulations compliance survey which will identify the contraventions, details of the risk and full specification and cost of rectifications. Without it your business could be at considerable risk.


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