£3.4million worth of water retail contracts put on ice by H20 Building Services.

Leading firm of water consultants H20 Building Services suspends the issue of £3.4m worth of water retail contracts due to the water retailer that won the business inability to send out correct water bills for its other clients.


H20 Building Services is reporting that since March of this year water bills for its existing clients have been incorrect and returned to the water retailer on numerous occasions and in one instance bills on the same client account returned 6 times.


The firms water bill validation team have also reported that no water bills for its Scottish customers have been received from March of this year and so the water retail firm concerned could be in breach of their contract.


H20 have been in regular dialog with the water retailer but for the last few months, despite assurances there have been no improvements just the same incorrect billing. The problem seems to have arisen due to the unsuccessful migration of customer account and water billing data.


Graham Mann, Senior Partner of H20 said “The implications for thousands of business customers are very serious, we are capturing the incorrect water bills through our clients water bill validation and bureau service. Potentially thousands of other business customers may not have commissioned a water consultancy expert to validate their water bills thereby allowing incorrect bills to slip through and be paid. I can say in most instances the water bills are overcharged, sometimes significant amounts and so many customers may never see these overcharges refunded.

I would urge all business customers to seek immediate expert advice and put a water bill validation service in place without delay as water company overcharging is very real  and on the increase due to water retail market deregulation.”


If you have concerns relating to incorrect billing then call 01924 387 873 or email [email protected]  and ask to speak to our water bill validation team.