Breaking news in The English Water Retail Market as a major gas supplier enters the water arena.

The English Water Retail Market received more news today that Regent Water Ltd an associated new business within Regent Gas Ltd which has been a gas supplier in the UK since 1995 applies for a water retail licence to boost its income and take advantage in the English water market  soon to open for business in April 2017.


This new water company will be offering additional services to small and medium sized businesses, apparently mainly through independent energy brokers.

Generating new water retail contracts in this way will be a high cost, low margin operation as energy brokers will need referral commissions and as there is little margin in the first place it is difficult to see how Regent Water Ltd will make any money, especially as Regent Water Ltd will have no in house expertise to offer added value services in order to boost profits.

Without the additional services the return on significant investment will be low as is shown with other new entrants that are making losses and no profits which will not be sustainable for the foreseeable future.


Click here to view Regent Water Ltd notice of application for a water and sewerage licence regent-water