The National water Retail – Water Self Supply – Water Wholesale Plus Group is launched on Linkedin

Linkedin is the worlds largest professional business network with in excess of 450 million members world wide.


The social media network is growing substantially and Linkedin aims to connect the worlds business professionals and can help establish your professional profile and help control one of the top search results for your name.


As such water industry expert Graham Mann who heads up a leading water audit consultancy H20 Building Services operating in the UK for over 22 years has chosen the use the Linkedin social media platform to launch The National Water Retail – Water Self Supply – Water Wholesale Plus Group


Mann says “Since water market deregulation April 2017 which allows none residential customers to switch water supplier and get a better deal on their water and waste water supply charges there has been no central point for both customers, water retailers, water wholesalers or water industry professionals to interact and exchange water industry information in terms of experiences, views or indeed independent water industry expert advice.

I read almost on a weekly basis complaints by customers on poor service levels, billing issues , lack of information with regards to the various options available.


For example


How do I switch water supplier?


What options are open to me? 

Water self supply?

Wholesale Plus?

Switch water retailers or stay put with the water company I am with at the moment?


It really does seem on the face of it that a large proportion of the water retail market is “playing safe” and staying put with the existing water supplier.


In order for the deregulated water market to work we really need the customers to have the trust and confidence to participate. I really do believe an open platform that encourages both customers, water retailers, water wholesalers, water regulators and consumer groups to engage on an open discussion forum is the key. At the moment the water industry is still in a state of disarray 1 1/2  years later and that’s not good for business or the environment.


So if your in the water business or indeed a customer why not join The National Water Retail – Water Self Supply – Water Wholesale Plus Group on Linkedin via this link