Water retail companies are now a direct threat to Energy Consultants TPI’s and Brokers.

Water retail companies and water supply companies are now a direct threat to energy consultants, TPI’s and energy brokers as the water retail market moves into other utilities such as gas and power.


Those firms that are into energy consultancy are the very firms that are approaching water companies for water pricing and switching water supplier deals. These water companies are soon to be in effect direct competition with the energy consultants that are the entry into 3rd party water contracts.


Lets face it, would you as an energy consultancy pass your clients details to a water supplier for a water supply deal if that water supplier also offered the same energy services as your firm?   Of course not.


First we had Scottish Water retailer Business Stream doing a joint venture with Utility Wise, so we now have a water supplier offering water, gas and power services.


Today an announcement that Northumbrian Water and Anglian Water have not only joined forces creating a joint venture water retail business they are now soon to become a multi utility business offering gas, electricity and water services.


What we will now see is the water companies biting off the hands that feed them as surely the energy consultants and brokers will not send any water business to any water company that provides the same services as they do.


This will now have serious trading implications now and in the future for those firms in the energy consultancy market who will of course need to re-think their business strategies as the water companies eat away at the energy markets.


Perhaps we may see the larger Energy consultants and or Energy Brokers applying for their own Water Retail Licences? now there’s a thought!