Achieve successful water saving with our management strategies

On Friday the 22nd of April, the world celebrated Earth Day 2016. To mark the day, businesses around the world announced their plans for managing natural resources and preserving them for the future. A number of them focused on preserving water because it is arguably the single most important resource.


One of the most interesting announcements in this time came from denim brand True Religion. They announced that they had created an innovative fabric that is more sustainable than existing ones. The material is said to save on water, energy and waste without compromising on the quality details their products are known for.


Although new products like these can offer excellent potential there are several simpler steps that businesses can take to enjoy water savings. The easiest is to reduce waste by fixing leaks and replacing inefficient fixtures. By carrying out repairs and introducing more efficient water practices, you can make significant savings. In fact, if every business took these simple steps, an impressive amount of resources could be saved.


When water saving is the objective, it is important to remember that the very first thing you need to do is ensure you have access to accurate data. Before you can start managing effectively you need to monitor water use. This can reveal areas where consumption is high, potentially leading you straight to leaks and inefficiencies.


When it comes to water leaks, it is important to remain focused on the big picture. Even a small leak, such as a tap that drips periodically, can result in huge amounts of waste over the course of a year or longer. If you consider every leak in the property, you could be looking at a large percentage of your waste coming from easily fixable problems.


As well as checking your data, you will need to be proactive with maintenance and repairs to ensure that the absolute minimum amount of water is lost when leaks occur. This will help to keep any losses as small as possible.


At H2O Building Services we are committed to helping our clients when their focus is on water saving. We can provide a comprehensive service, including supplying and installing monitoring equipment, going over the data, offering suggestions, and even carrying out repairs. We have worked with many high profile clients throughout the UK and helped each one to reduce their waste and enjoy cost savings.