The identification and repair of a water leak is key to any water saving project – Leakage investigation survey case study

Since water market deregulation April 2017 the water industry is being brought into sharp focus with more and more businesses and organisations implementing water saving projects.


In particular the leisure industry, for example Holiday Parks, Theme Parks, Pool and Leisure Clubs water leaks are a challenge in any water saving project.


In this particular leakage investigation case study the excess water consumption due to water leaks below and above ground amount to 34,164 cubic meters or nearly 7 million gallons and for visual impact 1,067 standard sized fuel tankers carrying 32 cubic meters of water each lined up end to end!


The cost to the client ? £113,000 per year 


There were many water leaks detected and contained within he case study report with further visits planned upon completion of repairs to those water leaks found to date.

As a part of the national water saving strategy implemented by this client all sites were fitted with water flow data loggers to each water company water meter, which gives our water audit team the vital water flow consumption in visual form.


Information they need to identify leaks and forward a leak alert to the client for approval to action, please see the example leakage detection case study here ExampleLeisureParkLeakDetectionReport 08.03.19


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