Water self-supply in a deregulated English water market, whats that all about?

Water self-supply in the up and coming deregulated water market, you may have heard about already? so whats it all about?


Well the English water market is about to be deregulated, this means in simple terms the gloves are off and none residential water customers will be able to switch water supplier in an effort to get a better price on their water and waste water bills.


None residential customers can either work with an experienced water audit expert but please if you do this then satisfy yourself that they can demonstrate that they are truly impartial and independent.


If you see a water consultancy firm that has a water retail licence then of course they are not truly an independent water consultancy as they are likely to place your water retail contract through their own. Likewise you may come across an energy consultancy that has a joint venture agreement with a Scottish water company that also has an English water retail licence, yet claim they are independent and impartial.

Obviously in both instances they are not impartial or indeed independent and therefore you may not get the best value deal.


The margins in the English water market are very low, in single digits as opposed to the Scottish water markets where discounts of between 10% to 25% are possible, in which case some companies are considering water self-supply in England to cut out the retail margin and access water and waste water services from the wholesaler.


Overview of the key benefits and added value.


  • By accessing wholesale water markets better savings and discounts could be achieved.


  •  Little if any input or resource is needed by the customer.


  • You have 100% control over water and waste water billing.


  • Site by site settlement reports.


  • Experts with extensive experience in dealing with wholesalers.


  • No future re-tendering for new retail deals saving time and money.


  • Participate in the technical panel driving changes in the market.


  • Have full access to experts in water and waste water cost reduction and efficiency with a combined 40 years water industry experience and knowledge, independent and impartial advice.


  • Outside water bill validation and consultancy service no longer required.


  • Any billing queries such as meters, incorrect data contributing to incorrect billing are rectified at source no reliance on the water retailer and waiting months to resolve.


There are numerous benefits but we would strongly advise commissioning of a fully independent expert to produce a detailed financial feasibility study and a fully costed application and management process prior to making any applications for water self supply.


“The Water Audit Experts” H20 Building Services will complete this for you by taking your water and waste water data producing a financial feasibility report together with a detailed application process and an offer to support your application for a water self-supply licence through to completion.

In addition, continue to provide water self-supply on going management services and provide the relevant billing and processing software needed in order to hold and operate a water self-supply licence and allowing your company to integrate with the wholesale water market.

In addition, the software will allow your company to access financial settlement reports thereby managing and facilitating all aspects of water self-supply so you don’t have to.


We operate this water self-supply service in both the Scottish water market and the English water market and have already produced water self-supply proposals to clients with water and waste water combined of £7.5 million for the Scottish water market.


Additional expertise on tap!.


“The Water Audit Experts” H20 are one of the UK’s leading innovative water consultancies with over 40 years experience in water engineering, water and waste water cost reduction services.

Over the years H20 have partnered with a broad range of well known high profile companies in the UK and vastly recognised as the very best in the business, our client base reflects this.


Saving water and reducing waste, applying up to date efficiency techniques and supplying water services in the most environmentally cost effective water is our priority. As such we will if required in addition to the water self-supply support provide a wide ranging list of additional added value services, covering all aspects of the customers water operations and as such tailored to exact customer requirements.


If your business or organisation wishes to explore how water self-supply could benefit you then get the detailed facts form the experts to enable you to make a more informed independent impartial advice..


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