As England’s heatwave continues with no substantial rainfall in sight, what is your water strategy to combat water shortages?

Yet another hosepipe ban recently announced by United Utilities. Hosepipe ban 2018 are we facing a return to 1976 when people had baths together hints the daily express. As England’s heatwave continues with no substantial rainfall in sight, what is your water strategy to combat water shortages?


As United Utilities the water supply company supplying water to the North West of England as they struggle to apparently supply water to their customers as the UK heatwave continues with no rainfall on the horizon.


In the last 2 months the North West has received no rainfall whatsoever and now a hosepipe ban.


This does really show how our water supply stocks are so finely balanced, 8 weeks of summer weather and all indications are we are rapidly running low on our most valuable resource – Water.

The fact is we really do need to “Value water more”.


Water meters do need fitting to all households in the UK as this will prompt all residential customers to use water more efficiently.


Another major issue is water company leakage. Water leaks on both water company infrastructure and delivery systems are rife as are water leaks on residential and none residential properties.


A very broad estimate is that at least 30 percent of our nations vital water resources could be saved by stepping up on water leak detection and water leak repair.  Not to mention water efficiency measures that if implemented would without doubt save hundreds of £millions for the UK’s businesses up and down the country.


Leading water audit experts H20 Building Services are urging UK’s businesses to step up and “Value water more” by implementing a national water strategy.


With over 30 years direct experience in the water industry H20 Building Services recall the standpipes installed all over the Yorkshire water area as water supplies dwindled during the drought in 1995.

As reported by the Yorkshire Post “Learning lessons of the 1995 drought” it seems water companies have not learnt the lessons of 1995 as we head into our 2nd hosepipe ban.


Senior Partner Graham Mann of H20 Building Services says

“I remember the drought of 1995 as I was invited to Yorkshire Water’s operations office to see for myself the dwindling water supplies. It was truly shocking and I did at the time applaud Yorkshire water for their honesty in reporting and the early actions they took to save water.

It is only then did I really appreciate what it is like to have severe water restrictions, literally a few inches in the bath and our family of 3 sharing.

The most positive aspect of the drought of 1995 was it prompted me to set up a business to help companies and organisations reduce water and waste water volumes and save money on water bills.

Now over 20 years later H20 Building Services with decades of water industry expertise and experience behind it the ethos of the business hasn’t changed and nor has our enthusiasm for reducing water and waste water consumption and costs.

This is why we are urging UK’s companies and organisations to step up to the plate and have a water strategy and join our campaign to #valuewatermore


Tap into our knowledge and experience working with us to formulate your business or organisations water strategy.


We will help you drive down your water costs and by doing so will help your environment and reduce your costs”


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