Water industry news – Water is life – As more and more countries struggle to survive acute water shortages, we should “value water more”

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Not a day goes by or so it seems when water is not in the global news with pollution and water shortages.


It certainly is a fact we are now looking at a very serious global water crises and at this rate we will see drastic effects on the food chain and the economics of the world.


Now reports are hitting the headlines that one of the largest nations on the planet India is now having to face its worst ever water shortage, which if reports are correct some 600 million people will have to face acute water shortages.


The latest report coming from the BBC India facing the worst water crisis in its history further reinforces the fact that UK water companies should do much more to reduce water leaks.


The water losses in water company pipes is quite frankly staggering, water companies pay, we pay and the environment pays.


The water companies really must step up and take a more responsible approach and get their own house in order first and get a grip on their water leakage.


Meanwhile UK companies can play a huge part by drafting up and implementing a water strategy.


It is well documented that savings on water bills of anything between 20% to 60% is achievable with paybacks measured in months if not weeks.

Reducing water and waste water volumes benefits both business finances and the environment, its win win!


We are all increasingly understanding the need to “value water more”, learn to use water more wisely and play our part in taking responsibility for protecting this essential resource, a water strategy will help achieve this.


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