Stark warning sent out to all UK businesses – no water no business – whats your water strategy ?

No water no business – that we all agree – but what is your water strategy?


Your business could be a UK holiday and leisure park, theme park, university, hotel, pool and leisure club or production and manufacturing company, the hot and dry spell we are having coupled with extreme cold winters should be a wake up call and time to look at water.


Remember no water to both Cadbury and Jaguar Land Rover? Production stopped albeit one day as luck would have it so just imagine no water, now what is your plan?


How will your business be affected?


The cost to the business would be substantial!


What if your business or organisation was water critical? A foundry, glass manufacturer or Hospital?


Never has there been a more opportune time to pull out those water bills and put together a plan, a water strategy which will secure your water supply, reduce your water and waste water bills and will ease the pain on our environment.


England faces serious risks of water shortages especially in the drier South East.


Both climate change and increasing population and the need to protect our environment for generations to come is bringing further challenges to an already strained system.


A report was released this year by the National Infrastructure commission NIC-Preparing-for-a-Drier-Future-26-April-2018 (2) and this is a real eye opener.

Established in October 5th 2015, a none ministerial government department which is responsible for providing expert advice to HM Government on pressing infrastructure challenges facing the UK.


An interesting factual and thought provoking read titles “Preparing for a drier future – England’s water infrastructure needs”


If water supply failure is of concern to your business and water cost reduction is on the agenda then a “off grid water supply” could be the answer


Off grid water supply” – benefits.


Increased security of water supply.


Water costs reduced substantially.


More environmentally friendly.


Better quality water straight from the natural source.


Why pay water company wholesale and retail margins.


Whether your business  or organisation is seeking a potable water supply or just water for cooling, dust suppression or swimming pools or indeed a combination of both there is a very real opportunity to make a huge impact on your water costs and become a more sustainable business.


You do not need potable water to wash vehicles or supply evaporative cooling towers so why not include an “off grid water supply” in your water strategy today and make a real difference and #ValueWaterMore.