Water Stress – The Next Shared Global Crisis?

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As dire as the pandemic situation is, there is a small silver lining and that’s how lockdown measures and social distancing restrictions around the world have helped breathe new life into the environment, giving the planet a much-needed boost.


Pollution levels have plummeted globally and animals are now returning to cities that are in quarantine… and the hope is that while people are in self-isolation and afforded more time to think, they start to gain greater appreciation for nature and the environment – and perhaps make a few lifestyle changes once the world does eventually return to relative normality.


Writing for the Jerusalem Post, Noam Bedein – founder of the Dead Sea Revival Project – explained that while some parts of the environment are now flourishing, the Dead Sea has shrunk to its lowest level since records began.


He referred to water stress as the “next shared global crisis”, driven by climate change and overpopulation, warning us all that it is “just around the corner”.


Less than one per cent of the surface water on earth is accessible, drinkable fresh water, with the Middle East the most water-scarce region in the world, a place that has been experiencing a continuous drought for the past 21 years.


It was the first major region in recorded history to run out of water and currently has 17 countries existing below the United Nations’ water poverty line. It is also home to six per cent of the global population but has just one per cent of global freshwater resources.


Come the year 2050, demand for water around the world is expected to rise by 55 per cent, which will see domestic and international pressure directed increasingly at water-rich regions, resulting in environmental, social, political and economic stress.


Given the facts, now’s the time for businesses and consumers everywhere to review how they use water and see if there are any ways in which they can change their water strategy to make it more sustainable.


There are all sorts of ways in which this can be achieved, whether you decide you’d like to focus your efforts on rainwater harvesting so you can reduce your reliance on mains water supplies or if you’d first like to prioritise water leak detection and repair.


Deciding to make a change is the first step and it could prove beneficial to get in touch with us here at H2o Building Services to see how we can help you adopt a more sustainable approach to water use – which will also have the added benefit of driving down your energy bills at the same time.


We offer a full end-to-end consultation service on commercial water usage and cost reduction, experts in water audits and water bill validation, as well as water cost reduction to help you reduce your environmental impact. Give us a call today to find out more about how we can help your business boost its green credentials after the pandemic is over.