Unhappy With Your Business Water Supplier? Next Steps

Sometimes the relationship between a business and a water supplier can break down. Especially when dealing with a complicated business setup, perhaps comprising of multiple sites or different trade names, it can be easy for a miscommunication to occur and misunderstandings to arise which get in the way of great service.


There may be many reasons why you become unhappy with your current water supplier, such as:


  • Slow response times
  • Frequent billing errors
  • Lack of clarity on costs
  • Restrictive payment or billing options.


The good news is that following the deregulation of the UK water market for businesses, you now have the choice to switch suppliers if you are unhappy, instead of simply being stuck with the company that has historically serviced your local area.


If you’re finding yourself fed up with your current water supplier, below are some steps you should take.


Contact your current water supplier’s customer support team

If you haven’t yet brought your issue to the attention of your current water supplier, they may not be aware there is a problem at all. It’s worth getting in touch with them and trying to get it resolved. It is in their best interest to retain you as a customer, and they may be willing to repay your years of loyalty with a discount or some other type of incentive for your troubles.


If you’ve been in direct contact with your water supplier and still don’t feel your needs are being met, then it may be time to start looking elsewhere.


Get Quotes From Other Water Suppliers

If you’ve decided that leaving your current water supplier is the logical next step, then it’s time to start doing some research and getting quotes from other water providers. You can look online to see reviews from past customers, or phone up suppliers directly with any questions you may have.


Have a water audit carried out

Professional consultants can help you determine the right water supplier for you. By looking at your current water bill to identify areas where your provider may be overcharging you and by comparing different water contracts, a water consultant can ensure you are seeing the full picture and not missing any information that might influence your decision to switch suppliers.


Contact a regulatory body

If you feel that your water supplier has breached their contract or made some type of egregious error that they haven’t been willing to rectify, you may want to consider contacting a regulatory body such as Ofwat. This page has a list of some customer protections they have put in place that you might not be aware of.


Self supply

For larger businesses, water self supply might be a feasible option. Self supply is essentially purchasing water direct at wholesale prices, rather than going through a traditional water supplier. You can learn more about self supply here.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Evaluating your water supply options alone can be challenging and yield less than optimal results. Let the experts at H2O Building Services ensure you are receiving the best possible deal on your water and wastewater services. Contact one of our professional water experts today.