Large water users have you considered water trading? You can slash your water costs right now!

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What is water trading?


For a start water trading is the future and it is here and available right now!


Water trading is where a company or organisation buys water from someone else for example a company that has their own private water supply or borehole or as known in the water industry an alternative water supply.


Or indeed has river abstraction rights and wishes to release the value of the abstraction rights by selling raw or treated water to another company or organisation.


Water trading has huge benefits both from an environmental and sustainability aspect, through to financial benefits by reducing the water costs for the recipient of the water, particularly for large or medium water users and provides an income for the company or organisation selling the water.

Whether the water is used for cooling, washing down, dust suppression or product use water trading is here right now.


There will be 1,000’s of companies and organisations using expensive potable water from their local water retail company paying anything from 82p to £1.88 per cubic metre of water in when in reality by taking a more innovative approach and considering environmental and sustainability issues and the huge savings that could be made against water company prices the rewards are truly exciting.


H20 Building Services in conjunction with Alternative Water Company UK Ltd will be offering this truly innovative water supply service nationwide.


If your business or organisation is a large water user or indeed an energy or utility consultancy that has large water user clients they would clearly benefit from an alternative water supply via a water trading agreement, then please click here.