A leading water consultancy firm publishes a series of water industry infographics

H2O Building Services Infographics


Infographics are an attractive and powerful visual graphic representation of information on a specific subject.


Infographics tap into the human visual systems ability to see trends and patterns and are very often striking and an excellent way to visually communicate information in a both effective and engaging way.

There are many in the water market that take the view water is the forgotten utility.

More recently Martin Lewis a Money Saving Expert said “Its time to tackle the forgotten utility – Water”


Many in the utilities market would agree that is why H2O Building Services designed and published 33 water industry infographics covering almost every topic in the water market.


Infographics ranging from waste water management – Water leak detection – The open water market – Saving water – Alternative water sources – Switching water supplier – Water self-supply – Water industry news  – Water efficiency – Water strategy – Water consumption analysis – Water management consultants – Water consultants – Water audits – We can reduce your water costs – About us – Surface water drainage – Water bill validation – Sustainable water development


The infographics are specifically designed to dispel the myths that water is the forgotten utility and aims to inform and educate which will promote and inform on all things water.

With the focus on sustainability, water and waste water cost reduction and environmental issues which will be good for business and our environment.


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