COP26 Water Climate Discussion Series Now Underway

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Ahead of the COP26 global climate summit, which is taking place between November 1st and 12th in Glasgow, a cross-sector COP26 Water Climate Discussion Series is now underway, with the launch event being held on May 13th.


The idea behind the collaborative discussion series is to provide organisations of all shapes and sizes with the opportunity to join the water crisis conversation before the summit takes place in around six months time, WWT Online reports.


The launch event was chaired by Martin Currie from consultancy service Aqueum, with those in attendance discovering the latest developments in the sector’s adaptation and resilience, with examples of principles in action including West Africa and the south-east of England.


Discussion points included the benefits and challenges of various solutions, such as desalination, water reuse and aquifer recharge, questioning how the sector could make water reuse acceptable to customers and how the resource could be promoted as a key COP26 challenge.


British Water is supporting the series, with chief executive Lila Thompson saying: “We are at a critical moment for water. The UN recognises that water is the primary medium through which we will feel the effects of climate change and there is an expectation for water to be given a prominent platform at COP26. As such, a collective voice for the industry, including the supply chain, has never been more important.”


She went on to note, however, that industry in the UK has already “shown tremendous leadership” in the reduction of emissions, with the publishing of the Net Zero 2030 Routemap – the first plan of its kind in the world to bring an entire sector to net zero by the end of the decade.


The COP26 conference has numerous goals set out that it aims to achieve, with the first being to secure global net zero by mid-century and ensuring that 1.5 degrees C is kept within reach. Countries will need to move forward with the phase-out of coal, accelerate the move to electric vehicles, curtail deforestation and drive investment in renewables.


The second goal is to adapt in order to protect communities and natural habitats, and it is now necessary to work together to enable and encourage those nations affected by climate change to build defences, resilient infrastructure and agriculture, as well as protecting and restoring ecosystems, to avoid loss of livelihoods, homes and lives.


In order for these two goals to be achieved, developed countries will have to deliver on their promise to find at least $100 billion in climate finance annually – and international financial institutions will have their part to play, in order to secure global net zero.


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