Major Flooding & Heatwaves “More Likely” Because Of Climate Change

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Campaigners are now issuing stark warnings that the health of millions of people is being put at risk because of climate change, which will make extreme flooding events and heatwaves more likely – calling on the government to do more to tackle the climate crisis head on.


Chief executive of the WWF Tanya Steele, for example, described nature as being “in freefall” and was quoted by Sky News as saying: “The climate crisis is making blazing heatwaves and major flood events more frequent and more likely. To show true global leadership at this year’s climate summit, the UK government must take more ambitious steps to reach our net zero targets and put nature on the path to recovery.”


Figures show that approximately 1.8 million people in the UK now live in areas that face significant flood risks, but this could rise to 2.6 million in just 17 years, with flood victims four times more likely to experience mental health conditions than people unaffected by flooding.


And around 12 million people across the country are vulnerable to future heatwaves during the summer months, with elderly people especially at risk, as well as those with underlying conditions like heart disease.


The Climate Coalition’s Clara Goldsmith made further comments, saying that the root cause of climate change has to be tackled and this can be achieved by decarbonising the economy and making homes and the transport sector more eco-friendly – which will naturally deliver a range of benefits, at the same time.


As a business, there’s a lot you can do to make your operations greener and more environmentally friendly – and a great place to start is with your company’s water footprint.


Water efficiency is important because parts of the UK are expected to start running dry within as little as ten years’ time, with demand outstripping supply in places like Bristol and the east of England. It’s important to safeguard these precious resources as the impacts of climate change are felt more keenly in the future – and now is the time to take action.


One of the best ways to make a significant difference to your water usage and consumption is to look into water leak detection and repair.


Billions of litres of water are lost through leakage every day and you may not even know you’re contributing to this, because the majority of leaks happen below ground or are so small that you don’t even notice – but over time, the amount of water adds up, wasting lots and costing you money unnecessarily.


A site audit can help you see if you do have leaks onsite, however, so this is a good place to begin if you’re keen to boost your green credentials this year. Get in touch with the H2o Building Services team today to see how we can help.