Water company overcharging and water billing errors reach crisis point as water retailer continues to send out incorrect bills.

Since water deregulation April 1st 2017 allowing non residential customers to switch water supplier water billing errors have continued to increase.


This worrying trend is made all the worse as the errors would be difficult to spot and non residential customers are very likely to pay the water bills trusting water retail companies to bill correctly in the first place and without robust water bill validation processes in place bills would simply be paid and the water retail companies would rake in literally £millions in excess charges and reclaiming these monies would be extremely complex and time consuming.


The water bill validation team at Yorkshire based H20 Building Services reports that for one client account alone across some 50 sites there are overcharges on the total bill values of £150,000.

This has been continuing on the same client account since water retail market opened its doors April 2017.


Despite assurances Water Plus continue to send out incorrect bills and with numerous account queries this water retailer appears to be unable to post accurate water bills. More to the point appears to have no desire or motivation to resolve these issues.


This particular client spends around £1.7 million per year with sites all over the UK including Scotland and has not received correct trade effluent bills for their manufacturing and production sites since the water market deregulation over a year ago!


This water, waste water and trade effluent client is classed as a key account however this account has never been treated as such. With the client unable to switch water supplier away from Water Plus due to monies owed across numerous accounts due to not being billed correctly, the client is being penalised due to Water Plus ‘s inability to submit correct water bills.


Without the water bill validation process firmly in place to capture the water bill overcharges hundreds of £1,000’s of over payments would have been made.


Needless to say all incorrect water bills will be returned back to Water Plus as payment unauthorised.


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