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    H2O Building Services is one of the UK’s leading providers of commercial water management and consultancy services. With unparalleled expertise in carrying out water audits, we specialise in saving businesses money on their water bills, by reducing water use, rectifying errors in billing, and resolving onsite issues which cause waste.

    With more than 30 years’ experience in water supply and water engineering, our highly qualified team of professional consultants provides a complete end-to-end service. From checking the accuracy of your water bills to repairing leaks, monitoring water use to installing equipment to improve water efficiency, we are your one-stop shop for all your water supply needs.

    H2O history

    H2O Building Services was founded in 1997 by water industry consultant Graham Mann. Applying his experience in water supply auditing and reporting, Graham set up H2O with one key goal – to help businesses cut costs from their water bills.

    With inside knowledge of the water supply industry and a wealth of expertise auditing water use at the biggest, most complex industrial sites, Graham has the skills and knowledge to provide businesses of all shapes and sizes with clear, actionable intelligence on their water use – the first step to improving efficiency and reducing costs.

    Over the past 20 years, Graham has developed H2O into the UK’s leading water audit specialist. He has himself built a reputation as a go-to figure for advice and insight into all aspects of water supply, earning media recognition for his expertise, including an appearance on the BBC showcasing his skills as a ‘water leak detective’.

    But H2O is much more than a one-man band. Graham has assembled around him a team of highly qualified, highly experienced water consultancy specialists who share his passion for water efficiency and passing the cost savings onto the customer.

    H2O Building Services is based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, but provides water consultancy and management services throughout the UK.

    Our mission

    Water is our passion, and our mission is to pass that on to help clients save money.

    Water supply is complex, especially in large-scale industrial and commercial operations covering many different sites. The mechanics of supply are complex, billing is complex, regulation is complex. With so many other things to think about when running a business, few people have the time or inclination to dig into that and really understand how their water supply works. Or, more importantly, how they are being charged, and what for.

    Our aim is to remove all of that complexity. With our unique approach to water cost savings, we start on the basis that knowledge is power. Through in-depth auditing of billing and water use, we can show clients exactly what they are being charged for, where they can make savings, and even whether they are owed a refund for past mistakes.

    With our ongoing water bill validation and Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) services, we can guarantee that you always have a complete picture of water use, that you are never overcharged, and that problems like water leaks are spotted straight away. And as a fully managed service, we take care of every aspect for you.

    Our promise

    We pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service – just take a look at our client testimonials to see for yourself. Our team of highly experienced and qualified professionals is always focused on the needs of the customer, we are flexible in our approach and will do whatever it takes to save you money.

    We promise to always maximise savings in any way we can. We aim to achieve cost reductions of around 20 to 30% for our clients, which can amount to sums running into hundreds of thousands of pounds. Read our case studies to see some real life examples.

    For our leak detection, repair and installation services, we guarantee first class workmanship which will last. We know that shoddy patch-ups will only end up costing clients more money down the line, which is why we employ the very best engineers to get the job right first time.

    With H2O Building Services you get:

    • Unique, innovative service unparalleled in the UK
    • A proven track record in saving businesses considerable sums of money
    • Decades of experience in water supply consultancy and management
    • First class, flexible service
    • Guaranteed quality of work on all repairs and installations.

    Call 0845 658 0948 and let us start saving you money today.

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    With unparalleled expertise in carrying out water audits, we specialise in saving businesses money on their water bills, by reducing water use, rectifying errors in billing, and resolving onsite issues which cause waste.

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