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Saving Water

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Saving water is not only a global issue which we all must tackle, but an issue that can result in significant monetary savings for your business. Are you paying too much for your water? Most companies are, most commonly as a result of small water leaks (usually underground) and overbilling by water companies.

Save Water

At H2O Building Services, we have a team of professional water consultants who are experts in the field of water resources management to save water. We have experience with all the latest technologies in the industry and understand the inner workings of your water suppliers. As a result, whenever possible, we will reduce your water consumption and reduce the costs of the water you are using. We help you to save water.






How To Save Water

Water Leak Detection & Repair– a full site survey will find leaks of any size which can then be repaired.

Water Auditing – our expert analysts have a track record of producing maximum savings and refunds for many companies large and small. We have a history of dealing with such clients as: Royal Mail, Tesco, R.B.S, Manchester University, ASDA, Dixon Group Retail and many more.

Water Monitoring – we offer to install the industry’s leading remote monitoring equipment (AMR) which will track water flow hourly for 10 years. Using this, we can maximise efficiency and spot any leaks straight away – potentially saving thousands of pounds.

This process often results in savings in excess of 30%, paying for our services many times over. Our philosophy is simple: we help you to save water and reduce your costs and you increase your profits.

Please feel free to contact us about any of these services individually or as a whole package and see how to save water.