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Water Leak Repairs

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At H2O, we believe in performing quality water leak repairs that will last. What’s more, we will ensure that the rest of your premises are watertight, and even seek a refund for any sewage costs incurred due to leaking water within your business!Water leaks can cost your business thousands of pounds and are often difficult to deal with. An underground leak, for example, will require very precise detection, followed by an excavation to get to the leak, then carry out water leak repair.

Leak Repair

Here at H2O, we have been in the business for over 25 years, gathering more experience in handling these situations than any competitor can claim. If you’re looking for peace of mind that the water leak repair process will be handled quickly, cleanly and with top professional quality, then we are the specialists for you.

Water Leak Repairs

The Process

We normally request copies of water and waste water bills prior to investigation. This gives us a firm indication of the problem, before leak repair is considered.

Then subject to approval, we will carry out leak detection across your entire site to locate all water leaks that could be costing your business money. Upon completion, we will send you a report of the findings along with costs for water leak repair. In most instances, we will quantify the water losses and report the monetary value.

Should you wish us to carry out the work we will happily excavate, leak repair and reinstate all surfaces that have been disturbed. We pride ourselves on leaving your site looking untouched!

After Care

H2O are proud to bring a unique aftercare service to the water industry. With AMR, a new water monitoring technology now available, we can track hourly the water consumption of your business. If there is a significant increase in the water consumption, an alarm will be triggered at our alert centre, which we can pass directly onto you for action, and water leak repairs if required.

The technology can be installed easily on your site and will be completely owned by you, lasting 10 years before needing to be replaced. We simply offer you our expert knowledge for installation and monitoring.