No, No, No Castle Water billing 6 months, 9 months and now a year in advance – What are you thinking?

Since water deregulation in England water billing errors have gone “off the scale”


The water bill validation team at H20 Building Services has been working flat out attempting to resolve client water billing issues.


Castle Water rank as one of the worst water retailers in terms of water billing errors, response to billing issues, complicated billing structures and attempting to bill for water services many months in advance.


Castle Water are now up to their old tricks again. It was bad enough when they attempted to bill H20 Building Services clients 6 months in advance. Now bills have arrived this morning with clients now billed 1 year in advance for metered charges.

If this is happening locally the national picture will be even worse as no business or organisation will pay for water bills 1 year in advance? or would you?


Another water billing issue is even more concerning.


Due to the quite complicated layout of the water bills which are not at all customer friendly water company overcharging is very easily missed.


The errors on this months water bills are on the adjustment charge where they are charging £2.21 per cubic meter instead of £2.14 per cubic meter representing on one bill an overcharge of £293. That is not a huge amount but multiplied over Castle Water’s customers billing then the overcharges become a significant issue.


If your business or organisation is supplied water and waste water services by Castle Water and think you may have water billing issues call our bill validation team on 01924 387 873 or email our use our contact us page