Thousands of Incorrect Water Bills Have Been Sent to Businesses – Are You Affected?

Bring up your water bills in discussions with coworkers or family, and chances are that several people will have a horror story to share regarding their water supplier. Poor customer service, incorrect charges, or even having your meter accidentally hooked up to a neighbouring property are all unfortunate but seemingly everyday occurrences when it comes to utilities.


Mistakes are bound to happen, of course.


It’s easy to understand how and why. Major water suppliers have millions of customers across the UK, and some errors slip through the cracks as a result. How these companies handle errors once they are identified is a bit more nefarious, however.


Turning a Blind Eye to Errors

In theory, all it takes is one customer bringing an error to the attention of their water supplier, and they should have all they need to check out whether it is a more widespread problem. But how often suppliers do this is open to question, and more often the answer is no.


We highlighted a recent case involving a billing error at a water company which has seen potentially thousands of customers overcharged on their water bills. At what point did the supplier really start to investigate whether there was a problem or not, quality control is not at the top of some water retailer’s agenda.


The truth is that water companies have no obligation to make any sort of disclosure to the public about billing errors. Whether an error affects one customer or thousands, they are allowed to keep quiet and often do. Even if they internally identify the customers that were overbilled, they are not required by any regulatory body to contact the customer and offer a refund.


In other words, it is up to the customer to remain vigilant and check for errors on their water bills. If you suspect a mistake, it’s your responsibility, according to water companies, to let them know. This process of disputing incorrect charges can be challenging and may take months to reach a resolution on your own.


How to Spot Billing Errors

So let’s recap. Thousands of incorrect water bills are sent to businesses every month. Your water company is not under any obligation to inform you if your past water bills were incorrect. So how do you determine if your business is affected?


There are a few items on your bill that you can look for which will help you spot errors, such as the cost per mm and cost for waste. However, individual contracts and bills are all different, and it can be quite difficult for the average consumer to identify errors. Many details can be hidden in the fine print and difficult for you to discern on your own. The best advice is, if you feel something isn’t quite right about your bill or are worried about how much you are being charged, contact a water audit expert and have a water bill audit performed by someone who knows exactly what to look for.

Consult the Experts Who Know Exactly What to Look For

H2O has been identifying and disputing incorrect water bills for over 30 years. Our no-obligation preliminary water audit is the first step to identifying any water billing errors, as well as areas where you can potentially make savings or secure rebates. For many customers, a 30% reduction in water charges is entirely possible. For our clients, this can mean a refund of anything between £500 and £500,000.


Let us take a look at your bill today and ensure everything is in order. We can even work on your behalf to resolve any issues directly with your water supplier, saving you from major hassle and headaches.


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