Why install a water flow data logging system (AMR) ?

The absolute key to effective water management and early detection of water leaks is an automated meter reader (AMR) or water flow data logging device which is installed onto the water companies incoming water meter.


A cable known as a pulsed output lead is plugged into a port in the body of the water meter and connected to an enclosed water proof device known as a data logger.

This device captures the data which is transmitted usually by a mobile phone network to a data platform designed to convert the water flow data to a visual graph and numerical display.

Alarms can be programmed into the system if and when the water flow and usage exceeds certain set parameters.


Expert water auditors audit the data and can often spot irregular or regular patterns of usage.

When first installed to a site often continual flow indicates underground water leaks or internal water leaks and the actual water consumption and value is automatically calculated.

Appropriate internal and external water leak detection can be instigated to identify the source of the water leak and if necessary complete repairs.


An actual example of rapid water leak detection is a water leak identified by a substantial rise in water consumption clearly seen on the graph below.

5.12 cubic metres an hour and 860 cubic metres per week at a cost of £1,238.


Water flow data logging - AMR - large water leak 5.12m3 per hour


This particular site has its meter read and billed every 3 months and is a fairly remote site in Scotland.

Sometimes the water meter is not read for 6 months, if it wasn’t for the water flow data logging device and monitoring the financial impact on the water bill would be £22,000!


The cost to install the data logger can maintain the water management audit process is just over £900 as a one off cost which is a good return on investment looking at the losses on this site.


Effective water management starts with accurate water flow data.