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H2O Building Services - Save money on your water Bills

We are unique in our approach to water cost reduction. Our bill validation bureau service is free of charge and our fee structures for reducing costs, making savings and securing refunds for our clients are tailored to meet individual requirements.




You have come to the right place to gain advice on reducing your water and waste water costs. Our services range from initial water auditing through to site surveys, installation, water cost reduction and consultancy services. Trading since 1977, we are the UK’s leading water cost reduction experts.

Are you interested in reducing your water charges and securing potential refunds resulting from water company billing errors? GET IN TOUCH for further information and a free water audit.


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H²0 Building Services – The Water Management Experts


H²0 Building Services is one of the UK’s leading water consultancies, with over 30 years’ experience in water engineering, consultancy, and water cost reduction. Over the years we have worked for a broad range of well-known, high-profile companies within the UK.


H²0 Building Services is recognised as the very best in the business, and our client case studies and testimonials reflect this. H²0 continues to hold a strong position in the water efficiency market and we always exceed our clients’ expectations. Furthermore, we are held in such high regard by our peers in the industry that our consultants are often asked to take over large water projects from other water consultancy companies. This is because our wealth of experience and knowledge allows us to pick up any project and ensure it is completed in a timely and professional manner. When projects require advanced technical expertise we are often called in to provide additional guidance, meet deadlines and get the right results for large companies.


H²0 Water Management Team provide a wide range of services in all key areas:-


  • Water bill validation.
  • Water bureau and bill checking.
  • Water audits.
  • Water cost reduction survey and reports. These contain recommendations to reduce costs, a full technical specification of works combining installation and water consultancy services, and implementation costs.


The client can opt to pay for the work to achieve the savings – our team can arrange for project finance which can be repaid from the savings generated.


  • Water leak detection.
  • Water leak repairs.
  • On line flow monitoring – AMR providing a web-based water monitoring system to identify water losses.
  • Surface water and property drainage charge audits.
  • Banded area-based water audits.
  • Water recycling systems, effluent treatment and disposal.
  • Alternative water supplies – abstraction of water from boreholes and rivers.
  • Supply and installation of water meters and water-saving devices such as water-saving showers, taps, and urinal flush controls.


Saving water is extremely important as it reduces waste discharge, reduces waste water costs, and helps protect the environment.



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The water audit experts H²0 Building Services trace and repair water leaks saving £18,000 a year – case study. bit.ly/1vD9DoB

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