Business and Public Sector organisations brace for impact as water bills soar!


It’s interesting that very little noise has been made within the media circles regarding the recent increases in water, wastewater, trade effluent and surface water charges for business and public sector customers, which are by any measure significant and will exceed many customers budget projections.


For example, Southern Water’s water charges are up 18.3 percent and 13 percent for measured wastewater and 13 percent for trade effluent.


As Southern Water is the wholesale supplier there is is also a water retail margin to add to these charges, which will tip the increases to nearly 20 percent across the board.


It’s a similar story across the rest of the UK, a full list of the water wholesale market increases can be found here – The Word is out! Businesses and Public Sector to face another significant increase in water bills


So what can businesses and public sector organisations do to mitigate their increased water bills ?


Public Sector Schools and Academies which certainly benefit from a school water audit report, where savings on average of 20 – 30 percent could be achieved, with potential for refunds due to historical water billing errors.


Other savings that schools and academies should consider is switching water supplier.


There will be schools that switched water supplier when the water retail market opened to allow customers to switch, now would be the right time to review the water supply contracts and go back out to market and “test the waters”


A business water comparison site is the premiere platform for non residential customers to compare the whole market for a better deal on their water supply contract.


Switching water supplier is made simple and the business is governed by the water regulator OFWAT’s voluntary codes of conduct


The business was developed and managed by some of the Uk’s leading water industry experts, giving customers the confidence and assurance they will receive a high quality service and the very best professional advise. gives all water retail companies the opportunity to pitch for your business on a live tender platform, so customers are assured of the best value deal.


A water audit report is free of charges with every switch.


The report will contain further recommendations for savings and identifies overcharges and refunds due to historical billing errors, you may be entitled to a refund !!


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