A school water audit report uncovers a 50 per cent saving on their water bills.


A school in Berkshire commission a school water audit as an integral part of their cost reduction and sustainability drive, in order to find savings on their increasing water bills. In the knowledge that their water charges are increasing year on year.


As their water wholesaler Thames Water are raising the wholesale water charges by 7.8 percent on water and 15.2 percent on wastewater from 01/04/24.


For national water bill increases please see The word is out! Uk Businesses and Public Sector to face significant increases

If you then add on the default water retail margin at say 10 percent then the reality is the school’s overall charges will increase substantially, gone are the days of cheap water and wastewater services.


The water audit experts H2O Building Services were chosen as preferred water consultants to audit the water bills and report back with the initial desktop findings.


The water audit resulted in a recommendation to carry out an actual site survey as the water consumption was high considering the levels of staff, facilities and pupils on site.


The average annual water and wastewater consumption was 6,106m3 and the water use per head which included staff and pupils was 33 cubic meters which is far in excess of the national average and expectations.


The site survey revealed a potential saving of £8,000 per year.


The high water use was due to faulty push down taps constantly flowing and urinals constantly filling and flushing uncontrolled.


Taking into consideration the site survey report and the supply of the water saving devices to reduce the water consumption the payback on investment is 3 months!


Example School water audit survey report 03.04.2024


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