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H20 Building Services install AMR equipment to Electrolux site saving £85,000 in water costs

Our water audit consultants successfully completed water leak detection and repair to the Electrolux site in the North East. The water leak went unnoticed for months until a very large water bill was issued by Northumbrian Water in excess of £100,000 – £95,000 over budget. Upon completion of repairs H2O negotiated a leakage refund in excess of £65,000.

Upon completion of the case H2O advised Electrolux to consider installing an AMR remote logging device. This device is fitted to the main incoming water company meter by means of a cable attached to the magnetic dial on the water meter. The cable sends a pulse to the AMR data logging device which is calibrated in litres per second; this data is stored within the AMR device and at preprogrammed intervals the data is sent to the phone network to a H2O web-based data platform. The flow data is audited by the water audit team and if the water flow and consumption exceeds certain levels a report is generated and sent directly to the client with a recommendation to investigate increased consumption.

Within a week of installation further water leakage was identified via the system. This would have cost £35,000 had the water leak been allowed to continue; further leak detection and repair was completed. One month later the water consumption increased again, raising preset alarms. Again, a report was sent to Electrolux giving water consumption values and costs. Site staff investigated and found a broken water pipe due to a recent building demolition. Had this water loss been allowed to continue then costs in excess of £50,000 would have been incurred.

A total of over £85,000 worth of excess water charges were avoided due to the on-line water flow monitoring device, driving down water costs, maintaining savings and protecting the water infrastructure.

Total Savings Achieved (to-date): £65,000.