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Water Cost Reduction
Refund: £40,000

Water Cost Reduction for London Borough Of Haringey Council

Haringey Council employed the expert services of H2O Building Services to advise them on water cost reduction. The authority spend approximately £500,000 on water and waste water services with Thames Water. H2O Senior Partner Graham Mann says that in all instances we target our clients to save between 20% to 30% on existing costs, excluding refunds due to historical billing errors. The council provided H2O with a list of properties and copies of the last five years’ water bills. A water audit was completed identifying those sites which require an actual site visit; site surveys were carried out and reports detailing recommendations for reducing the water costs were issued to the council. Savings of over 20% were identified together with potential refunds – a total of approximately £40,000.

Typical examples of opportunities were:-

Thames Water charging for large size meters, with much smaller water meters actually on site. As the standing charges are based on meter sizes in this particular instance, Thames Water refunded £15,000, resulting in an annual saving of £3,000 per year.

Allotments and parks exceeded expected water consumption. H2O identified water leaks underground and faulty float valves in water storage tanks, allowing the tank to fill continuously – over £20,000 per annum alone is wasted due to water leakage.

The gents automatic flushing urinals had either faulty controls or none at all, allowing the urinals to fill and flush constantly uncontrolled. A typical urinal flushing every 5 minutes can use 900 cubic metres of water at £2.60 per cubic metre average – that’s £2,340 per year in water and waste water costs. With an efficient passive infra red control fitted for around £180, an annual saving on water and waste water costs in this instance would be £2,000 per year.

The project continues – we are working together to provide maximum financial rewards.