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Water Cost Reduction for Holmes Place Health Clubs

With over 60 health clubs containing leisure pools and health and fitness equipment, Holmes Place enlisted our services to examine the water, waste water and surface water charges to all sites throughout the UK.

Action Taken

The water bills for all sites were examined and within only a short period of time since, H2O have saved nearly £7,000 per annum on two sites in Manchester. We have applied for reductions in surface water and highway drainage charges, successfully securing refunds in excess of £20,000 due to overcharges on surface water and highways drainage charges.

H2O will now continue to examine all other areas of potential savings from underground water leakage to efficiency through taps, showers and toilets, surface water charges in other water company areas and historical overcharges.

Total Savings Achieved (to-date): £31,000.

Total Savings Achieved (to-date): Target Savings in Year-1: £150,000.