Next podcast with Graham Mann Live on LinkedIn May 28th at 12noon, special guest Simon Bennett H.O Wholesale Services at Bristol Water plc

Podcast with Graham Mann


This is a fantastic opportunity to have Simon Bennett, Head of Wholesale Services @ Bristol Water plc on the podcast with Graham Mann.


This podcast will be broadcast live on LinkedIn a global professional network of over 675 million members worldwide.


You may not be aware but Simon Bennett is also the Wholesaler chair of the influential group known as the Retailer Wholesaler Group (RWG).

A group which promotes good practice to reduce market frictions but its co-chair says it now needs regulatory support to make sure everyone listens!


Simon says “Some kind of endorsement from a senior level at OFWAT would make the policy makers in companies sit up and take notice”


So what is RWG and its purpose?


The Retailer Wholesaler Group is a trading party led group that covers the operational terms and is made up of water retailers and wholesalers and wholesaler representative.


The Good Practice Documents produced can be viewed on the market operators services Ltd website ( MOSL)


There are some excellent and common sense good practice guides such as leakage, data logging, return to sewer allowance and much more.


This will be a lively and informative podcast with Graham Mann and bang on topic – The water industry!


Simon Bennett is best described as charismatic, witty and an expert in water.


Head of one of the best performing wholesalers in the market and a co-creator and wholesale chair of RWG, need I say more!


I look forward to seeing you there, as usual likes, comments and questions are most welcome and enjoy the show!


Water industry professionals, water retailers, water consultants “we need you” join us as a special guest on the next podcast with Graham Mann live on LinkedIn.


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