CEO of Castle Water John Reynolds O.B.E accepts the invitation to appear on a podcast with Graham Mann live on LinkedIn.

Podcast with Graham Mann - H2O Building Services live on LinkedIn


Podcast with Graham Mann was launched several months ago when Graham Mann of water consultancy H2O Building Services was awarded permission by LinkedIn the worlds largest professional business network with over 675 million members across the globe to broadcast live audio and visual video content specifically on the water and waste water industry.


Graham says


“The purpose of the podcast is to educate and inform, creating awareness throughout the business community of the substantial savings and refunds that can be achieved with the correct and focused approach, plus the application of knowledge and expertise the team at H2O have accumulated over decades in the water, waste water and trade effluent market.


I mean who would turn down for example £500,000 refund due to historical billing errors for a University in the North West, or £800,000 for a retail company?


Yes these are large businesses but at the smaller end of the scale a £200,000 a year saving by installing an off grid water supply.


Not only are we trying to create awareness in the business community of savings that could be achieved, we are also bringing the water retail companies and businesses together to create a platform to open up communications between the water retailers and customers, indeed all the stakeholders within the water industry.

We also want to help instill confidence in the £3billion water market.”


Graham goes onto say


“The podcasts with Graham Mann are new and a real innovation in our sector, the engagement is good but could be improved with more engagement from the water retail sector, OFWAT and MOSL the market operators and suppliers.

So far we have had the pleasure of


Josh Gill CEO of Everflow 

Nick Butt of Yu Water 

Mark Hanlon a new entrant into the water market trading as ConservAqua

And very soon John Reynolds O.B.E the CEO of Castle Water a £500 million  plus water retail company who took a lot of fully justified flack from me and others over service levels a while back, though I am delighted to say very much improved, the team at Castle Water have made huge improvements in so many areas, but of course still much to do!


I am really chuffed having received a call from John, he said “Its a really great idea, I would love to join you on a podcast” 


So where are all the other retail companies ? 

Now perhaps Castle Water have accepted the invitation other water retailers will follow?


We thank John Reynolds O.B.E for taking the time out to join us on the Podcast with Graham Mann, look out for the go live on LinkedIn broadcast in a few days time!”


Do you head up a water retail company? Send me an email if you would like to appear on our next podcast [email protected]