Don’t miss the next podcast with Graham Mann live on LinkedIn – special guest Prof Jacob Tompkins O.B.E

Podcast with Graham Mann - featuring Jacob Tomkins O.B.E


Podcast with Graham Mann is delighted to feature Jacob Tompkins O.B.E on the next LinkedIn Live broadcast.


Jacob specialties are environment, sustainability, water efficiency, environmental technology, water retail, water wholesale markets and is a “Green champion”


A former Managing Director of Waterwise and joint co-founder of The Water Retail Company, a licenced water and waste water retailer in England and Wales with an emphasis on water efficiency and sustainability high on the agenda.

Headed up by Lord Rupert Redesdale, both eminent and outspoken figures in the utilities sector with Lord Rupert Redesdale also heading up the Energy Managers Association.  Serving energy management professionals and improving the standing of the energy management profession, establishing best practise in energy management and placing energy management fairly and squarely at the heart of British business.


We shall be asking him questions and comment on topics such as


Jacob’s experiences and challenges within the water retail market?


Why form an water retail company? 


What are his views on the launch of the most significant ground breaking innovative to date 



As with all podcasts with Graham Mann, comment and questions for our special guest submitted before the broadcast or during are most welcome


See you there !