Water retail companies – Have your say and join us on the Podcast with Graham Mann


Podcast with Graham Mann - H2O Building Services


We really do need to open up the water and waste water industry, to educate and inform, create awareness and encourage water retail companies to join us on the Podcast with Graham Mann.


An industry first, H2O Building Services is out there supporting customers, the water industry and water retailers.


Customers have issues with water retail companies,  but we really do need to open up the industry and water retailers now have the opportunity to discuss the issues and challenges within the water retail market  and give us all a clear insight into their strategies and future plans to expand and take full advantage in the £3 Billion water retail market in the UK.


It is their chance to engage with customers, consultants and all those involved in the water industry.


We have two guests booked in, the first is my business long term friend and business colleague David Leigh and we are going to talk and evaluate a fantastic new product which has the potential to save ten of millions of pounds on companies waste water charges.

I personally and very excited about this product as the potential is huge and will ensure businesses pay for the waste water that they discharge rather than a default estimate.


The second guest a long term friend who heads up a water retail company booked to join us on the Podcast with Graham Mann 13th June – guess which water retailer it is?