The UK is short of water right? So why is 23 million gallons of exceptionally pure water per day being tipped into a river?

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Its quite staggering isn’t it but its true, 8 billion 395 million gallons a year of exceptionally pure water pumped out of the ground into the River Severn.


At water retail prices that is around £60 million per year.


So what the story?


On October 16th 1879 engineers driving the Severn Tunnel struck a water filled passage 170 feet underground and 400 yards inland.

The tunnel was flooded within 2 days and took 2 years to finally drain.

Since this time the tunnel has been kept dry by pumping 23 million gallons of fresh exceptionally pure water per day to the surface into the River.


Some of the water is being used by a Brewery and a Paper Mill.


The annual value of the water at retail prices is £60 million a year.


Any investors out there interested in exploiting this valuable water resource?


It seems to me there is an exciting water business opportunity here !


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