Improving water efficiency with Stormsaver rainwater harvesting systems

In the modern age, many businesses throughout the UK are looking to use water more efficiently, not only to help preserve the environment and conserve this precious resource for the future, but also for financial reasons. Many industries and large business premises use huge amounts of water on a daily basis, resulting in large water bills. Making some simple adjustments to water usage in your business can potentially result in significant savings.


If you are considering how you can improve water efficiency in your business, rainwater harvesting could offer a solution, providing you with a much more effective alternative to expensive mains water. By harnessing the potential of rainwater, plenty of businesses find that they are able to drastically cut their bills. The process basically involves collecting and storing rainwater in a specially designed unit, rather than simply letting it run off the roof. The water can then be filtered and used for many purposes, including irrigation, cleaning, flushing toilets, sprinkler systems, running machinery and being used in manufacturing processes.


Some areas of the UK face restrictions on the use of mains water during the summer months, which can affect productivity in your business. Rainwater harvesting can give you access to an unrestricted supply so you can carry on operating as normal. Harvesting ensures that rainwater can be used to its full potential rather than simply being allowed to run off the roof, and greatly reduces the need for more expensive mains water.


We regularly install state of the art Stormsaver rainwater harvesting systems on a wide array of different businesses and public buildings, and we are ready to help you save money and boost your water efficiency. No matter how large or small your property may be, we will provide a system that is tailored to your individual requirements and offers optimum results. These systems are specifically developed for commercial use and incorporate the highest quality materials, meaning that you can expect to receive long lasting returns on your initial investment.


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