What is the best way to find a water leak ?

The best way to find a water leak is to employ a water leak detection expert!


Unless of course you can see the leak !


An underground leak can add £1,000’s to your next water bill and if you are charged for both water and waste water for every cubic metre of water leaked that is 220 gallons you may be charged up to £5 per cubic metre depending on where you are in the country.


Water leak  


In this case study a high water bill was received after a long period of estimated water bills. A water audit was completed indicating a potential problem and as the customer could not see any evidence of a leak a water leak detection expert was called.


The engineer measured the continual water flow passing through the water meter by recording the litres per minute registering on the water meters dial.

The internal  valve which shuts off the water supply to the building was closed so if the water meter was still recording flow that would indicate a water leak between the meter and the point of entry to the building (POE).


The continual water flow was recorded at 360 litres per hour which equates to 3,115 cubic metres per year or 685,300 gallons and the cost over the year would be £7,504.


Click to view the leak detection report Example leak detection Newbury July 2019