20 percent – 30 percent – 40 percent off your water charges, now there’s a thought!

Large water user? switch water supplier? there is another way.


Since water deregulation April 1st 2017 the water industry has not seen very much innovation.


Well, for the past year the water audit experts at H20 Building Services have been working on unique and special projects, water delivery projects that are going to make a real and tangible difference to a vast many customers water bills.


A water supply that has the potential to reduce water bills by 20 / 30 or even 40 percent plus, a water supply from a sustainable source.

One that is kind to the environment in which we live, one which will reduce the ever increasing burden on water company supplies and if the water suppliers are treating and pumping substantially less then this contributes to less energy use and much less water leakage from water treatment to delivery to the customer.


“You want innovation in water”? we have it in the bucket load!


Our “off grid” or “alternative water supply” is abstracted from sustainable sources and we have access to over 250 million cubic metres!


We can supply water at a fraction of the cost of your existing water retailer in Scotland, Northern England, English Midlands, and South Wales.


We have the water now we need to match the source to the customer.


If your business is a large water user from 30,000 m3 upwards 50,000 m3 – 100,000 m3 or more we would like to hear from you.

In order to match you to the source send an email to and attach copies of your last 12 months water bills to include front pages and subsequent pages detailing consumption and meter readings.


Upon receipt we will confirm we are processing your request and get back to you within 10 working days with the results of our alternative water supply investigations.


“Innovation in water”