‘Still Time’ To Mitigate Flood & Water Scarcity Risks

A new JRC study has revealed that Europe-wide flooding and water scarcity issues can be mitigated if the Paris Agreement objectives relating to climate change are met.


The conclusion was drawn that, however, that flooding and water scarcity during the summer months are still projected to increase even if targets to keep global temperature hikes below 2 degrees C are met, and if global temperatures rise by over 2 degrees C.


The study investigated the impact of the changing climate, water usage and land use on Europe’s water resources, with countries in the south – especially Spain, Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Turkey – all projected to face increased water shortages.


More droughts will result in water scarcity and reduced hydropower resources throughout the Mediterranean, which will likely have an impact on energy, agriculture, transport and food security.


It was also found that countries in central and northern Europe will see a rise in annual water availability, with the UK, Belgium and France expected to see wetter winters and drier summers. This will result in water excess issues, such as sewer overflows and flooding in cities and possible dam safety concerns throughout northern Europe.


JRC researcher Ad De Roo had this to say on the matter: “To minimise future consequences, it is essential that the targets of the Paris Agreement are met sooner rather than later, and it is even better if we manage to stay well below those targets.


“We also believe that mitigation alone is not enough but that adaptation strategies such as water saving and efficiency measures will also be needed to cope with the future climate change impacts.”


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