Water audit expert at H20 Building Services awarded the Energy Managers Association Affiliate Membership

Water audit expert Graham Mann of H20 Building Services The Water Audit Experts received notification today that he has been awarded the Energy Managers Association Affiliate Membership.


The Energy Managers Association (EMA) in its third year represents leading Energy Managers, some of the most respected names in Energy Management, who oversee some £6 billion worth of the UK’s energy spend.


Membership is purposely open to a variety of Energy Management professionals from in house Energy Managers through to Energy Engineers, Environment and Sustainability Managers to FM Managers to assure broad perspective in the participation and as a result valuable knowledge exchanges.


Foundered in February 2012 the EMA is the leading professional association improving the position of energy management experts, establishing best practise in energy management and  encouraging knowledge exchange. The association acts as a united voice for energy managers across all industries with the aim of putting energy management at the heart of British business.

Run for the benefit of individual energy managers and all delivered initiatives and activities underline its energy demand focus with energy reduction being the key driver.


Now with the advent of the water retail market opening up in England very shortly businesses will be able to switch water supplier which in theory will deliver los cost water supply contracts and added value services which will reduce water bills across all sectors.

With water now rising to the top of the agenda energy managers are taking more interest in water use and waste water discharge and looking to take advantage of any new and innovative measures, services and products or indeed new and innovative water supply companies.


Graham Mann, Water Audit Expert at H20 Building Services said “I am highly delighted to have been accepted by the EMA and thank Rupert Redesdale CEO of the EMA for signing off and supporting my affiliate membership. I am very much looking forward to meeting other members and exchanging news, views and ideas and to provide expert support where needed”.