The English Water Retail Market is open for business, is water supply procurement within your remit?

With the English Water Retail Market now open for business you may switch water supplier and negotiate better rates for your water supply going forwards.


If your business is a large water user and therefore your annual water spend is substantial the deals within the first 3 years of market opening will be in low single digits.


Large water uses will fall in many categories for example, Leisure Parks, Hotels, Leisure Clubs, Manufacture and production facilities, Hospitals, Universities these sites use anything from 30,000 cubic metres. Which ever way you look at it single digit discounts are of little significant value and for the first 3 years of the UK water market opening the discount will not make any real tangible difference.

Forgetting of course any so called added value services which the regulated water companies will bundle in such as water efficiency consultancy in an effort to encourage you to switch and distract you from the low discount offers, their hands are well and truly tied until at least the next OFWAT price review in 3 years time.


So what do you do? Take the best deal on offer? Sit and wait for 3 years and meanwhile continue to pay a high price for your water. Paying for a large costly creaking water supply infrastructure, leaking millions of a valuable resource into the ground on a daily basis, water that travels miles through old copper, lead and iron pipes, its a very costly operation.


There is another way!

A more environmentally friendly way, no leaking pipes along the way to your site, water that only travels a few metres in most cases and is a minimum of 25% less cost than the existing regulated water companies can supply you and that’s just for starters.


The Alternative Water Company was set up to initially supply large water users providing a national water supply service at 25% less than your incumbent water company – yes you read it correctly 25% less!


Where does the water come from?

Exactly the same place as the water companies get it, below ground from stores called aquifers.

What are aquifers?

Rain falls onto the ground and is gradually absorbed by porous underground rocks such as chalk, limestone and sandstone. Once the water us stored within these sponge like rocks the water can move through pore spaces towards springs, rivers or to the sea or it can be pumped to the surface by drilling boreholes into the aquifers and effectively abstracting the water.

So you see the majority of the time the water The Alternative Water Company supply is from the same source, accept its 25% – 30% less cost.


A few facts for you to consider.


What is water like straight from an aquifer?

When the rain falls on the land it soaks through travelling through rock formations deep below the surface and filters to a very high standard naturally and most of the time water from these naturally purified sources can be consumed immediately without any chemical additives.


Why is this water so clean?

Three reasons, all life requires light, oxygen and warmth, deep underground there si no light and with an average temperature of 6 degrees and very little oxygen leads to pure natural water.


Why consider an alternative water supply ?

  • Costs far less than your existing water supplier.
  • More environmentally friendly.
  • Most of the time chemical free, no additives such as chlorine, fluorosilicate acid, aluminium sulphate, calcium hydroxide, sodium silicofluoride.

The English Water Retail Market - switch water supplier - The Alternative Water Company


Now consider switching water supplier to The Alternative Water Company – What is the process ?


  • Scan and email copies of your last 12 months water bills to, shortly after receipt you will receive contact from The Alternative Water Company team.
  • A desktop feasibility study will be completed and a preliminary water supply offer will be sent to your for your consideration.


So when you are considering switching water supply consider an alternative.


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