A 2.3 million gallon water leak nailed by H2O’s water leak detection team.

Water leak detection - H2O Building Services


As a part of a national campaign by the water companies to drive down water leaks to preserve our valuable resource – Water – Thames Water served a Section 75 Notice under the water industry act 1991 informing the customer that the water leak detection team employed by Thames Water had identified a potential water leak below ground and this had to be repaired within 2 weeks of notification.


In order to ensure there was an underground water leak the water leak detection team from H20 Building Services was dispatched in order to pin point the leak(s) and report back with a cost and specification for repair.


In order to accurately quantify the volume of water lost underground due to the water leak a water meter was installed in the isolated valve chamber prior to carrying out the leakage survey.


The leak was measured at 20 litres per minute, which equates to a staggering 10,512 cubic metres a year or 2.3 million gallons and a Leakage investigation survey was issued to the customer as the site was not billed for water services on a metered water volume basis, instead they were billed on an annual fixed charge.


The Customer and the water retailer was completely unaware of any leak on site.


Clearly demonstrating the value of the actions by Thames Water and other water supply companies in carrying out continual proactive water leak detection throughout the networks.