5 Businesses Using UK Rainwater Harvesting Systems

With water scarcity a global concern – and an issue that’s becoming increasingly vital to resolve around the world – now might be the perfect time for businesses to start looking into alternative ways to increase their water efficiency. And UK rainwater harvesting systems may well be the way to go.


This is the process of collecting and storing the rainwater that falls on your roof area at work, with the water filtered and reused instead of mains water. Typical applications for this harvested water include toilet flushing, laundry and process water, and vehicle washing.


Companies are now being hit with a growing need to use their water supply better in the face of increasing demand for this precious resource, as well as concerns about both the environmental and social impact of running a business.


But which businesses have already started harvesting their rainwater and how could you benefit from doing so as well?


BBC Cymru Wales HQ

According to Wales Online, this is one of the biggest developments that Wales has ever seen, with more than 1,000 staff members starting a phased relocation in the autumn next year. Rainwater harvesting tanks will collect enough rainwater for an impressive 27,000 flushes!


Wrexham police station

This £21.5 million eco-friendly police station will boast numerous energy-saving features to reduce future running costs, including photovoltaic panels to generate electricity, LED and smart lighting to drive down electricity consumption, and rainwater harvesting facilities to wash up to 25 police cars a day.


Ikea Exeter

Ikea Exeter is reportedly the company’s most sustainable store to date here in the UK, aiming to achieve 100 per cent renewable energy. There are solar PV panels on the roof, ground source heating and rainwater harvesting facilities. There are also eight electric vehicle charging points, with electric vans now available as part of the brand’s home delivery service.


Swansea University development

The new university development will focus on renewable technologies and be greener where water conservation is concerned, providing rainwater harvesting facilities and even installing waterless urinals.


Blackpool Zoo

The zoo’s new Project Elephant Base Camp has a pool that can hold 19,163 litres of water – fed from a rainwater harvesting tank that can store up to 55,000 litres of water all collected from the roof of the building.


There are numerous benefits to introducing this kind of system at your premises. Just think – you could reduce your water bills quite significantly if you drive down your usage of mains water. You’re also able to reduce your reliance upon mains water, which means that if we’re hit with a drought in the summer and water restrictions are implemented, you’ll find your business doesn’t suffer as much as others may do.


These systems can be tailored to suit you based on your budget, size and specification to make sure that your system works most efficiently for you. If you’d like to find out more about this kind of system and how you could benefit, get in touch with us today.