National charity commission H20 Building Services to complete a water audit – the results are staggering!

A large national animal charity chose water audit experts H20 Building Services to carry out a water audit on the surface water charges as these were the most significant fixed charges in the water bills.


The water audit process.


The charity was requested to supply copies of the last 2 water bills for all sites, these were sent to the water audit department of H20 Building Services. All of the key water billing data was used to compile a water and waste water database.

A team member of the water audit department completed the audit and complied a water audit report.


The water audit report – Savings and refunds.


The water billing data provided by the client revealed possible annual savings on the surface water charges are £24,000 a year and the possible refunds due to historical water billing errors or water company overcharging as it is referred to in the water industry £131,000 !!!


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